Steam Boilers, Condensate

With our rapidly increasing demands for energy, steam grows in importance as a primary energy-transfer medium for power generation, industrial processing and space heating.

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Cooling Towers and Chillers

Many problems are caused by impurities in industrial cooling water due to lack of treatment, governmental regulation of wastewater discharge and escalating emphasis on conservation of both water and energy.

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Water Treatment

Paras Hydrochem performs boiler water side service, cleaning and de-scaling by chemical circulation, to help increase efficiency and extend boiler life, reducing your operating costs and saving your equipment.

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Cleaning Chemical for Reverse Osmosis / Membrane / Systems

PARAS HYDROCHEM – 122 is a specially formulated blend of cleaners for the effective removal of carbonate, metal Hydroxides and sulfate scales of Barium, Strontium and Calcium in reverse osmosis systems.


PARAS HYDROCHEM – 122 is a low pH liquid formulation to remove calcium carbonate, metal hydroxides & sulfate scales of calcium, barium and strontium.

Adding PARAS HYDROCHEM – 122 in to any membrane cleaning solution results in the achievement of better scales removal, system performance and membrane life.

Liquid cleaner which allows shorter mixing time.

Low foam formulation.

Cost effective program for sulfate/carbonate scales removal.

No adverse effects with repeated use of solution.

Appearance Pale Yellow to light Brown Colour Liquid
Sp. gr. at 25 ºC 1. 100 to 1.135
pH (as is) 1 pH
pH (1% solution) Acidic
Solubility 100% water soluble