Steam Boilers, Condensate

With our rapidly increasing demands for energy, steam grows in importance as a primary energy-transfer medium for power generation, industrial processing and space heating.

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Cooling Towers and Chillers

Many problems are caused by impurities in industrial cooling water due to lack of treatment, governmental regulation of wastewater discharge and escalating emphasis on conservation of both water and energy.

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Water Treatment

Paras Hydrochem performs boiler water side service, cleaning and de-scaling by chemical circulation, to help increase efficiency and extend boiler life, reducing your operating costs and saving your equipment.

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PARAS pH – MONITOR (For Cooling Tower)


"PARAS – pH MONITOR" is Acid base with polyacrylate and Corrosion inhibitor formulation to reduce / control the pH and alkalinity in the recirculating Cooling Water Plant. The pH control between 6.8 – 8 helps reduce scale deposition and algae growth in the Condensor and Cooling Tower. It also works as slow on line Descalant.


Ready to use Liquid.

Helps reduce water scale deposition in the cooling Areas and controls algae / Fungus growth in the Cooling Tower. The on line Descaling property helps maintain Heat transfer and equipment efficiency by dissolving slowly, the hard scale already deposited on the cooling Surface.

Appearance Pale Yellow to Light Brown Colour Liquid
Sp. gr. at 25 ºC 1.100 to 1.135
pH Acidic ( < 2 )

Add 200 to 300 ppm when pH of Cooling Tower reaches to 8. The dosing should be done at a maximum mixing point in the cooling water Tower holding Tank / Basin.

The pH of Cooling Tower should preferably be maintained Between 6.8 to 8 max. by adjusting dosage for best results.