Steam Boilers, Condensate

With our rapidly increasing demands for energy, steam grows in importance as a primary energy-transfer medium for power generation, industrial processing and space heating.

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Cooling Towers and Chillers

Many problems are caused by impurities in industrial cooling water due to lack of treatment, governmental regulation of wastewater discharge and escalating emphasis on conservation of both water and energy.

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Water Treatment

Paras Hydrochem performs boiler water side service, cleaning and de-scaling by chemical circulation, to help increase efficiency and extend boiler life, reducing your operating costs and saving your equipment.

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Innovation and Leadership in Water Treatment

Paras Hydrochem is a leading, innovative Industrial water treatment chemical manufacturer for industrial, commercial and process applications; Anti-scalant, Desludging and Descaling/cleaning chemicals, eco-friendly enzymes and biological formulations, portable field testing kits, chemical reagents, specialist laboratory water analysis services, dosing and chemical control equipment.

Located in the city of Indore, the commercial capital of India’s central province, Madhya Pradesh, we are providing water treatment solutions through our specialty chemicals and services to process industries, Hotels and Shopping Malls, power plants, governmental and non-profit organizations for the last 20 years.

What started as one person’s vision and passion to apply his knowledge and experience in water technology to help the industry, Paras Hydrochem today is a privately held company owned and operated by senior chemical industry, supply-chain and environmental services executives.

Through our continued commitment to research and development activities, product innovation, technical support and logistics excellence we are able to deliver significant benefits to our customers across a wide range of industrial, commercial, municipal, healthcare and governmental sectors country- wide.

Every Industry is unique in its own way and needs its own special chemistry to strenghen and succeed. We at Paras Hydrochem, recognize this requirement and provide tailor made solutions for clients with respect to water related issues. With our expertise in the field of manufacturing water treatment chemicals, we are putting meaningful chemistry to work every day for our clients.

If you require further details about our company please call on +91-731-2550863 or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it